Here you will find guidance for this assignment. If you include everything, there is less chance of your assignments being returned for extra evidence.
Please remember to include references if you have used other sites to gain information from - see Reference document. 

  • Unless it is specified, the number of words that you write is up to you but there is a maximum.  Please see the assignment pages for further details.  Just remember that there is no need to write 1000 words if 250 words covers everything. You must not cut and paste from other web sites. The written work must be your own.


  • 1.2 Abdominal Breathing written work - Ensure that you include information gained from the study guide. The assignment should ideally include - something about the mechanics of breathing - what happens when you breath in and out (this can be done as an introduction), the advantages of this type of breathing and how it can be used for health purposes (change of brain pattern - what do they change from and to, relaxation/stress relief etc). Then you need to relate to Shibashi (especially if you haven't been able to include anything in your introduction) - include a brief mention of yin and yang breath pattern, an example of the breathing for a couple of movements, and do you breathe through your nose, mouth or both? Mention of qi is required but not in any depth at this point. It is enough to say that abdominal breathing can be used to help the flow of qi. If you are following OCN Level 3, you will need to analyse everything as well. The rest of the content is up to you.


  • 1.3 Body alignment written work - Remember you must include H & S of correct body alignment eg the knee/foot alignment , special measures for heart conditions for safe working. Mention of the Yang Chen Fu's essentials in relation to Shibashi - justify/relate at least 3 of the essentials to Shibashi. Mention of qi would be useful too. Correct weight and rooting are relevant for this assignment but need not be lengthy - mention of rooting requires correct body alignment to achieve would be sufficient - one sentence will do. Please don't just describe - you need to relate to Shibashi. Also think about seated Shibashi as correct body alignment is still important here - what are the health & safety issues that need to be looked at when doing certain movements? It is highly recommeded that you take a look at the Health and Safety study guide before writing this assignment.

        Please don't cut and paste from websites.


  • Practical assessment only - Wuji & Tai Chi stance - please ensure that you understand the IMPORTANCE of performing wuji and Tai Chi stance at the end of Shibashi. You will be asked this at your final assessment. You may want to look up 'qigong mode' and external counterpulsation!