Teaching Tips - For those new to teaching 


Those of you who have not taught before, or are new to Shibashi, may find the following of help.

First – start by teaching a friend or your family. This will give you experience of teaching the movements.



  1. When you start teaching – always remember to do some warm up exercises before you start. These not only warm up the muscles and prepare for exercise, but they also help to include simple exercises that are good for balance & falls prevention, into the session.
  2. Teach 3 movements at a time. People will forget if you try to teach the specifics of any more than this. If your session is long enough, then get your learners to copy you as you go through all the Shibashi movements after. This will get them used to the ‘flow’.
  3. Each session – add another 3 new movements but always repeat movements from the last session with them. They will probably have forgotten how to do them!
  4. Always close the sessions with a cool down. This can be some of the warm up exercises but should at least include ‘rubbing’ at the sides of the knees.
  5. Session 1 or 2. Start to introduce abdominal breathing. It may well take your learners months to be able to change from chest to abdominal breathing, so it is wise to keep reminding them of how to do it! Keep reminding them of the benefits that they can get from breathing this way as it will help to motivate.
  6. You may want to consider putting a list of the movement names up on the wall or somewhere that they can easily see them. This will help some learners remember the sequence of the 18 movements. Also, if you forget the sequence, it will help you! Remember to make this large enough for everyone to read though.