Terms and Conditions

Course Requirements

As this is an online course, basic ICT skills are required, such as e-mailing, sending and opening attachments, downloading documents, saving files and setting up folders etc.  Learners are also required to be self motivated and to set aside study time for completion of the assignments.  As a guide, it is recommended that learners set aside approximately 3 hours of study time per week to ensure successful completion of the course.


Please note that it is the responsibility of the learner to ensure that all ICT equipment used for the duration of this course has the necessary software/hardware to enable them to complete the online course.  In the event of any problems with computers hardware/software, e-mail addresses, internet access etc, it is the responsibility of the learner to resolve these issues or to find a suitable alternative as soon as possible and to advise their personal tutor of any such problems.  Long standing or ongoing computer problems will not be accepted as a reason for non completion of the course!

All learners who enrol are expected to complete the course in full within one year of their enrolment date. 

Recommended minimum equipment requirements are:-

Windows 7 or above

Microsoft word or equivalent if using Apple Mac/tablet


Adobe Flash player or equivalent


Final Practical Assessment

The final practical assessment can be by attendance at a "face-to-face" session.  These sessions are normally arranged approximately 3 times a year in Somerset, full details of dates and how to book are available on this site Final practical submission can also be made via DVD.  Please ensure that if you intend submitting via DVD that you have the necessary skills/equipment in place in order to produce a DVD of sufficient video and audio quality to allow assessment by your personal tutor.  Please note all DVD's submitted are required to be retained by Somerset Skills and Learning as evidence.

Somerset Skills & Learning recommend that all students attend at least one "practical session" in Somerset, prior to any final assessment.  This will provide an opportunity to gain practical experience and to gain a better understanding of what is required at the final practical assessment,  thus ensuring a greater likelihood of successful completion of the course.

Due to the requirements of the awarding body, Somerset Skills and Learning are unable to accept any "online" submissions at this time.

Prior to Enrolment

Prior to Enrolment, all learners are required to complete and return the Initial assessment form below to:-


Learners will only be accepted onto the course upon receipt of Fully completed forms and satisfactory responses to the initial assessment process.  In the event of any query, you will be contacted to clarify the information provided.  For those completing the Level 3 course, satisfactory evidence will be required of an anatomy and physiology qualification, prior to any enrolment onto the course.


Personal Tutors

All learners will be allocated a personal tutor to support and guide them through the coursePersonal Tutors will provide constructive feedback on assignments and learner progress will be reviewed on a regular basis.  In the event that Personal Tutors regard learner progress insufficient to complete the course by their final submission date, learners will receive notification from Somerset Skills  & Learning of potential withdrawal from the course.  Learners will not receive any refund in this instance. 

Please note that learners are expected to communicate regularly with their personal tutor and to advise their tutor as soon as possible with regard to any problems that may incur a delay or withdrawal from the course.  In the event of severe injury, accident or illness, any request for an extension will require a Dr's letter/certificate as supporting evidence and learners must have already completed 75% of the course in order to qualify for a one off 3 month extension period.  If granted, the 3 month extension will commence from the original completion date and learners must complete any remaining assignments and the final practical assessment within this 3 month period.  In the event of non-completion, learners will receive notification that they have been withdrawn from the course and will not be eligible for any refund in this instance.

Any abuse towards Personal tutors in any form will not be tolerated, and in the event of such incidents, the learner will be withdrawn from the course with immediate effect with no refund of any fees.

Insurance & First Aid

Please note, once you have successfully completed the course.  Should you decide to teach, you will need to arrange "Public Liability Insurance".  In some instances, if you gain work through a gym or other organisation their public liability insurance may well cover you, but you should always check before commencing any classes.  Somerset Skills & Learning are not able to provide any advice regarding Insurance.

You should also ensure that you complete a First Aid qualification.  There are a variety of courses available, which can normally be sourced locally.   


Somerset Skills and Learning offer an "easy" payment option for any course over £100.00.  Learners will be required to pay 25% of the overall cost of the course as a deposit and the remaining payments are spread over 5 direct debits.  If payment is made by direct debit all learners will be expected to pay the fees in full, even if the learner decides to leave before the date the course is due to finish or does not complete the course.  All payments must be made in full prior to the final practical assessment.  In the event of non payment of fees, any outstanding debts will be passed to the legal team for debt recovery. 


A seven day ‘cooling off’ period is applicable to all enrolments from the date of enrolment.  We are unable to offer refunds after this point other than in exceptional circumstances, when an admin fee will be deducted from any refunds requested by you.

If the course is cancelled or confirmed as already full, you will receive a full refund of fees paid.

Refunds for any other reason will not be given.