If you are enrolled on the REPs Advanced course only (not the APT as well), then you will be following slightly different assessment criteria to the APT course. It is important that you only use the REP's assignment page otherwise it may lead to confusion and extra assignments being completed!

The study guide pages are for both the APT and the REPs Advanced course, but the REPs assignments page can be found on the left hand scroll bar of the Course Members page.



The paperwork that is associated with this REP's CPD course can be found below. You will need to download both the declaration form and relevant Assessment plan, and save these to your PC.
Declaration attachment - Please sign this and keep a copy in your portfolio or send it to your tutor once you have completed the assignments.

REP's Assessment Plan - This needs to be sent to your tutor along with each completed assignment.

Referencing Essays - Please note that you are required to reference your essays. Please download the attachment at the bottom of the page, which will show you how to do this.


Final Practical Observation Sheet - This form is completed by the Assessor and Internal Verifier. If you download this form, you will be able to see what is actually assessed and expected on the day.



Statement of Declaration REP's.doc Statement of Declaration REP's.doc
Size : 22 Kb
Type : doc
REP's Assessment plan - Advanced.doc REP's Assessment plan - Advanced.doc
Size : 40 Kb
Type : doc