Looking for music that's suitable for Tai Chi & Qigong practise? Amazon have a number of Tai Chi music downloads that are inexpensive.

The track below is from Dr Paul Lam Tai Chi for Health and cost under £1 

08 - Tai Chi for Health.mp3

If you do an internet search you will come up with others too. Like this one that we use for the 8 Strands of Brocade DVD.


If you're looking for Public Domain music (music that you don't have to pay to use), then you may want to take a look at this web site that I've come across. It has a large number of Chinese music tracks that you can download and then copy to a CD - all for free. As they are in the Public Domain you won't need a Public Performance License to play them.

The web site is http://music.ibiblio.org/pub/multimedia/chinese-music/

Below you can listen to one of the numerous tracks that are available.