Counterpulsation & Wuji- A technique for assisting the circulation and decreasing the work of the heart. Master Wing Cheung advises that performing the wuji & tai chi stance after the Shibashi movements is important for this. It is similar to a cool down in 'normal' exercise.

Dantien - Energetic centre, Elixir field, Essence of Life field. There are 3 main dantiens but the one that we focus on in our Shibashi practice is the lower dantien. This is situated approximately three finger widths below the navel and two finger widths in.

Full & Empty - If the whole body sits on the right leg, then the right leg is deemed 'full' and the left leg 'empty'. If the whole body sits on the left leg, then the left leg is deemed 'full' and the right leg 'empty'. When you are able to distinguish between full and empty your movements be light, nimble and almost without effort. Until then your movements will be heavy and sluggish and you will be unstable on your feet.

Meridians - Channels through which Qi flows.

  • There are different types of Meridians: Primary & Connecting Meridians are just two.
  • The Meridians connect the Yin & Yang organs

Qi - Internal or Vital energy. Some say that the definition is life because life is due to the coming together of Qi, and death is due to the dispersion of Chi.

Qigong - Qi = Breath or Energy, Gong = Work or Discipline.

  • A component of Traditional Chinese Medicine that combines movement, meditation, and regulation of breathing to enhance the flow of Qi in the body, improve blood circulation and enhance immune function.

Rooting - the process of making a good connection to the ground in stances and during movements.
 Helps to keep you balanced.

Tai Chi Chuan- Supreme Ultimate boxing (or fist).
This is the full and correct name for Tai Chi. When Tai Chi is practiced for health purposes it is common to refer just to Tai Chi.

Wuji - Void or nothingness. Void of thought, movement, activity.
Master Wing Cheung advises that this stance, along with the Tai Chi stance, holds great importance at both the beginning and end of the movements. At the beginning of Shibashi it is used to focus and calm down our thoughts. At the end of the routine it is used for external counterpulsation (See counterpulsation note)

Yin & Yang - Two fundamental and complementary forces, or principles, that make up all aspects and phenomena of life.