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Shibashi is perfect for health classes as it can be adapted for reduced mobility. Many cardiac rehab nurses, people working with dementia patients, instructors in Stroke clubs & mental health nurses across the UK have now completed this qualification and teach Shibashi to their groups.



Level 2 or 3 courses all follow the same course material.  - Level 2 is for people without an anatomy & physiology qualification, whereas the pre requisite for the Level 3 qualification is an A & P qualification or background ( ie Nursing or Health Professional), which must be evidenced.  Please ensure that you select the correct course material when completing your assignments.


 What will you learn during this Shibashi Instructor course?

  • The 18 movements of Shibashi.
  • The importance of abdominal breathing and how to breathe this way.
  • Correct body alignment.
  • Stances.
  • The concept of rooting.
  • Adapting Shibashi movements for all mobilities.
  • Teaching for inclusion of disabilities.
  • The health & safety issues.
  • Background & history of the Shibashi movements.
  • The purpose of Shibashi.
  • The difference between callisthenic exercise & Shibashi. 
  • The concept and 4 principles of Yin & Yang.
  • The Meridian system.
  • The concepts of Qi.
  • The differences between Traditional Chinese Medicine and the allopathic view of organs.

 What can you expect of the course?

  • The course provides both the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject, so giving the candidate a solid base from which they can teach. There are a number of written assignments- they can be short written accounts or for Level 3 candidates, 1000 word essays.
  • A private webspace is provided for study of the theoretical aspects of this course. Not used one before? It's easy!
  • Additional practical sessions are arranged on a termly basis and we encourage all students to attend at least one face to face session in Somerset.  
  • As the course is mainly online, a DVD of the practical Shibashi work is provided to all candidates at the beginning of the course.
  • You can contact your tutors whenever you want and ask them ring you, or to request and arrange a suitable time to SKYPE.  Contact details are provided at the beginning of the course.
  • Asssignments are sent from you to your tutor via email.
  • You can take up to a maximum of 1 year to complete the course but the majority of candidates complete the course in 6-9 months. If you have time to study on a regular basis, it is possible to complete the course within 3 months.
  • Study is flexible - it can be done at your own pace and in your own time.
  • Onsite practical training can be arranged for NHS groups



If you are interested in the Shibashi course, please complete the form below and a member of the Tai Chi team will contact you to discuss your requirements in further detail.  Please ensure that you include a valid telephone contact number.

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